3D CAD Support


53 Designers to support your projects

With such a large selection of talented designers and UK CAD users Solid Contracts Ltd can offer local UK solutions to work along side your integrated Onshape 3D CAD support.


Direct contact with Onshape Inc

Onshape pride themselves on their direct support service and it is quite something. Talking directly with the original software manufacturer is really taking CAD support to another level. Onshape's cloud infrastructure allows for direct, in-CAD collaboration with the Onshape support team. So why do you need us? We are simply here to help with localised support and where desired offer a closer relationship to our customers. We can adapt to however you choose to work.


Invite Professional CAD users directly into your Model

With Onshape's Document sharing features you control who has access to edit or view your designs. This can be used to collaborate with Solid Contracts in order for us to teach and support you with your CAD model. Onshape is quite possibly the world's most collaborative 3D CAD system on the market so we aim to use this feature as much as possible.