About Solid Contracts Ltd

Established for 10 years. Founded in 2008 

Solid Contracts is a 3D CAD software supplier and Product development services firm based in Southern England, UK.

Offering modern 3D CAD Software (Onshape), international Product Design consultancy services and design engineering Recruitment agencies from the UK.

Our carefully selected, network of freelance Product Designers have supported our global customers for over 10 years.

Our greatest asset has been the trust that our customers place in our ideas and recommendations.


Onshape 3D CAD Software

Onshape 3D Cloud CAD Software

3D CAD software is evolving. Onshape is leading the charge for a better CAD experience. 

Access Onshape on any device from anywhere and process all your data in secure UK cloud servers. Focus on product design rather than file management and collaborate with your design teams all over the world in seconds. 

Onshape is bringing a smarter vision for 3D CAD infrastructure. 

International Product Design Services


During the last 10 years our network of freelance designers grew at an incredible rate. We have spent years narrowing down our selection to just 53 designers and engineers in the UK, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Great Product Designers that will reliably deliver every time are unfortunately very rare. Through success, pain and a constant pursuit of excellence we offer you our "Trust as a Service" model to deliver exceptional tried and tested talent for your product design projects.

Recruitment Services

SolidWorks Jobs and Contract Product Designer services

Seeking a SolidWorks skilled designer for your team? Solid Contracts Ltd is focussed on networking with SolidWorks designers around the UK. From the best Graduates to experienced design leaders we can support your search.