3D CAD Affiliate Program

What is Onshape

Founded by the creators of SolidWorks 

We think of Onshape as the next evolutionary step in the CAD market from SolidWorks, AutoDesk and others.

Disrupting the CAD market requires big money and Onshape have secured $169m in VC Investment to get started.

With a 100% focus on Cloud CAD software, Onshape is redefining the rules for the future of the 3D CAD market.

Why use Affiliates

Our purpose is to rapidly grow Onshape adoption in the UK.

Onshape is growing fast in the USA. UK design & engineering firms are not yet aware of Onshape 3D CAD so we wish to capitalise on this next generation solution before it becomes mainstream.

We need to leverage a larger network to achieve our goal.


Solid Contracts has the technical and commercial capabilities to support the rapid growth of Onshape users. 

Our Affiliate program helps us work in partnership with you to forecast and secure new Onshape customers.

You share in our financial success via our Affiliate commission plan.

Become an Affiliate

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